Our skills and experience make us ideal to manage your finances

From our capacity for focusing on a myriad of details simultaneously, to the ability to understand the big picture, we excel at making your finances clean and current. But it goes beyond just keeping the numbers straight.

We’ll help you see your financial picture clearly, and show you where you’re headed, so you can get there faster and more easily. We’re not just your accountant / bookkeeper, we’re a member of your team that wants your business success as much as you do.

Greg Elowes CreditsGreg Elowe | President

In 1987, I got my start in the field of finance with my position as Accounting Manager at major Los Angeles advertising agency Dailey and Associates. Since then, I have worked my way up through the ranks to Controller, and then CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

My career path has led me to handle numerous financial matters for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations. I have — and currently do — manage finances for everything from solo entrepreneurs to operations with hundreds of employees. Along the way, I became acquainted with many of the departments within these organizations, including Human Resources, Payroll, Cash Management, 401K Administration. I have been responsible for the production and analysis of a variety of financial data and reports.

I learned that the most critical factor in any business is that the person running the company must be able to grasp the financial picture in order to make informed decisions. It’s my job not only to keep the finances in line, but to present those finances to the person in charge in a way that makes sense to them.

Donna Kellys CreditsDonna Kelly | Vice President

I started my entertainment career at Columbia/Sony Pictures Entertainment as a Contract Administrator. I was responsible for setting up payment schedules that were contractually agreed upon by the attorney for all above-the-line talent in either a television series or film production. I worked closely with Business Affairs and the Accounting department in expediting executed contracts and handling talent payments.

Currently, I work as a show producer on the television show House Hunters/HGTV. This position requires me to be extremely organized, pay attention to detail, adhere to strict deadlines, and to find solutions for last minute changes. My experience has enabled me to work smart and to be efficient with time, as well as to understand there is a solution to every problem you are presented with.