We help you better understand your business, so you can improve it

You’re swamped by a myriad of details in your business. But you need to understand the ins and outs of your finances, so you can make informed decisions. Finances that can be so complex they’re often more confusing than helpful. We can fix that.

We present the data in a way that makes sense

With decades of experience in every size of company, from solo-preneurs to large corporations, we know that what’s important is that you understand the finances. So we work with you to present them in a way that makes sense — from your point of view.

We start with the way you’re accustomed to seeing the information, then work with you to make it even clearer and more useful. As we get to learn your business, we’ll get you the information you need to know, in addition to what you want to know.

Your financial statement will include several parts

Balance sheet

Sometimes called a statement of financial position, it contains your assets (what you have), liabilities (what you owe), and ownership equity (what portion belongs to who).

Income statement

Better known as a profit and loss report, this catalogs your income (what you make), outflow (what you spend), and the resulting profit (what you’re actually left with).

Cash flow

Simply, this is a picture of what actually happens with your money, on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.

We can help you make more money

The upshot of all this is that when your business runs more efficiently, you make more money. And that’s what we can offer you. Call us to learn more.