You can trust the numbers are right when we do your bookkeeping

You’ve probably heard the old adage computer programmers use: “garbage in, garbage out.” Well, the same expression is also perfectly relevant for the accounting profession. If you start with the wrong data in the beginning, everything from then on will be wrong.

It all begins with data input

So how do we make sure that your data will be correct? After so many years of doing this, we’ve developed systems that minimize errors in data input. Part of it comes from familiarity; often when a number or record is wrong, it just “feels” wrong.

Bookkeeping SheetAnother part arises from the attention to detail that is so integral to our profession. It’s a level of focus that often borders on the obsessive, but that’s what it takes to ensure consistent data input.

But in the end, no human being is perfect. Mistakes will always be made — the important thing is to discover and correct them before it’s too late. Which is why we’ve implemented a system of checks and balances (no pun intended!) that catches virtually any inconsistency, and brings it back into line.

Of course, time is of the essence

It’s not enough just to enter your information, and enter it correctly. It also has to be kept current. That way, you’ll have a clear financial picture any time you care to look. And that’s important when business moves at today’s rapid-fire pace.

Our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bookkeeping includes tracking your purchases, sales, receipts and payments. That can encompass multiple bank accounts, credit cards, payables and receivables, and much more.